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Our story begins in June of 2018. Courtney Marie Morris and Chance McCardle met doing construction work in February of 2018 in Purvis, MS. Courtney worked as an interior designer and Chance worked as an electrician. At the time, Courtney lived on the East side of town and always drove by her favorite coffee shop on the way to work. She decided to move back to her roots in Purvis, but soon realized that her commute to work did not take her by the coffee shop. After a few months, Chance and Courtney got a crazy idea to open their very own shop in Purvis! In June, they began construction on the new shop and by October 1st, 2018, they were open! When asking them how they got to this point, they both said, "God has blessed us in so many ways it's unreal, but we owe all of our current and future success to Him!" Since opening they have grown their dream into a city staple! They are both very grateful for all that they have accomplished and praise God for everything they have. 

taste the local.

We proudly serve local products. From the roasters to the honey, we strive to use as many local products as possible. 

Grin Coffee Company generously provides us locally roasted coffee for every cup served. We grind each order of espresso moments before we serve it to give the best quality and peak freshness to every customer. 

Smith's Honey Farm proudly supplies us with local honey that is a main ingredient in one of our signature drinks called "The Grove".



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Shelby Hensarling, Customer

The staff is great! There was a line when we got there and we still ordered (because they came out and got our order) and were gone with our delicious vanilla iced coffee, chocolate cupcake, and banana nut bread under 5 minuets! .....So glad to have The Daily Grind in Purvis!

Skylar Bounds, Customer

They are amazing! Very fast and friendly and everything I've ordered has been pure perfection! 

Sharlie Chambliss, Customer

This A.M. was the first time I got a frappe as well as my first time to have anything form here. The staff is so wonderful and kind. And that frappe was heaven in a cup!! So happy our town has a coffee house now.